Happy Clients make us happy too.

We pride ourselves on delivering great impact in a short timeline, and at an exceptional value. See what our clients have to say about our work:


"With our alpha release underway, Danielle and her team saved the day! Our product value is complicated, but user experience has to be beyond easy and quick. The team  - repeatably - iterated in quick turn cycles, went above and beyond to get tangible deliverables in place in time to impact our build with our offshore team. They spanned visual design impact, to UX to clickable prototypes for use case testing and straight forward communication within 72 hour turns. Danielle pushed our thinking while regarding our core principles and our release is markedly better because of it. Her team quickly connected with ours - we wish we could keep us all together in perpetuity!"

- Linsly Donnelly, CEO and Founder, SmartFeed


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Design Equation. The team was quick to grasp the fundamental goals of our project and hit the ground running for their focused, energetic three-week sprint. They took on a knotty information architecture problem and recommended three different solutions, all of which had strong potential to work for my company & our product. An additional benefit was that the Design Equation designers were extremely ramped-up on what being a designer at Indiegogo would be like, so it would have been an easy transition from the end of the project into a full-time role on our team. I highly recommend Design Equation for companies looking to get a jumpstart on a new design direction or to try out new designers for their teams. 

- Genevieve Conaty, VP of Product, Indiegogo


"Danielle's firm came highly recommended to me, and they rapidly exceeded my expectations. After a scoping session, Danielle identified the perfect mix of team members. Within a few days, the team had a firm grasp of our problem space, and was digging in on customer interviews. I was thrilled, when during the final week of design, the team struck the perfect balance of collaboration and ownership. The resulting prototype turned out great, and the process to get there was energizing. Thank you, Danielle and team!" 

- Matt Stein, Co-Founder and CEO, Multitude, Inc.