Design Equation is committed to helping designers succeed in the workplace.


Design leaders are multipliers, helping individuals create better work and teams run smoothly and effectively. Yet often companies hire individual designers or even design teams, but dont provide the leadership to get the best from them. Unsupported designers and design teams lose out on valuable leadership perspectives, and often have lower job satisfaction and retention rates. 

Companies don't need to rely on full-time design leadership roles to support their designers and design teams. Design Equation provides powerful coaching from experienced mentors to improve the quality of the work, boost leadership and soft skills, all while attending to the holistic well-being of the designer. 

If you’re a company looking to...

  • get the best out of, and invest in, the productivity and creativity of your design team
  • improve collaboration between cross-functional areas on your product development team
  • ship better-designed, more compelling products faster
  • get an experienced, objective perspective on your products, process, or organization
  • or simply up your product or service design game

… we can make it happen. 

We offer a number of solutions to fit small companies with a design team of one, to larger organizations looking to expand their leadership capabilities. 



Mentored employees report greater job satisfaction and stay longer in companies.

Many companies wish to bring on less experienced design staff but are concerned they lack the time or skills to mentor and develop these employees. Mentorship is key to success in the workplace. Mentored employees report greater job satisfaction and stay longer in companies. Mentoring widens an employee’s horizon, introducing alternate perspectives, and developing critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Design Equation’s Individual Design Coaching program offers one-on-one, hands-on coaching and mentorship for designers, on an ongoing weekly or bi-weekly basis. Our expertise supports growth not only in hard skills (quality of design deliverables), but also the elusive and hard-to-develop soft skills (such as design communication, collaboration, and peer leadership) that we know is required for designers — and companies — to succeed.

We even have a special rate for designers looking for coaching & mentorship on their own dime. Just ask! 



Is your company seeking to more fully develop your design management staff? To cultivate team members who have shone as individual contributors and been promoted into a people management role? Or develop your design leaders into more active contributors in strategic business decisions? We can provide the coaching, training, and support needed to transform an ace individual contributor into a successful design manager, or an ace design manager into a director-level strategic contributor. The hiring market is hot for talented designers at the beginning of their careers, if you know what to do with them. With our experience both as industry leaders and design boot camp instructors, we can teach you.   

Training workshops are available, in addition to one-on-one ongoing coaching packages.


Our workshops are an effective, affordable, and fun way to give your design team a competitive edge. Topics range from Lean UX and hypothesis-driven design, to improving cross-functional collaboration and conflict resolution, including Billie’s internationally recognized Embodied Critique method. Our half- or full-day workshops are excellent team building activities — we are happy to meet with you and create a custom workshop for your team’s needs. We are also available for regular or periodic design critiques, for when you want outside expert eyes on your design work.



Has your design team or dev team grown exponentially, or are you planning for it to? Do you have a highly capable cross-functional product development team that’s somehow not performing as well as you think it could? Do you suspect in your heart of hearts that your Agile or Lean development isn’t as agile or lean as it could be? In our many years of experience, in every corner of the industry, we’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly. We love advising CEOs, heads of Product, Development, and Design about how to improve design and development process, practice, and structure for optimal effectiveness and world-class performance.