User Experience (UX) design is recognized as a critical component in the creation of successful products and services. Applying the UX design process to your product will lead to better understanding of your customers and their needs, deeper knowledge of the market and opportunities, and great product experiences that resonate and delight.

But design is expensive. Designers are in demand and as a result the job market is very competitive, especially for experienced designers. On the other side of the equation, there are many junior designers breaking into the industry, needing additional mentorship and experience.

Design Equation bridges this gap by pairing companies with junior designers in a mentored environment. The result is lower cost, high quality design services for companies traditionally without access to great design.


How it works

As with a traditional agency, we'll work with you to define a project that will create the greatest impact for your company. But the way we structure our projects is a little different than most... 

  • 3-Week Sprints
    Our projects run in fast-paced 3-week "sprints". These compressed timelines ensure that the projects are scoped for impact, and our clients don't buy more design than they need. Continuing the momentum is never a problem, and follow-on sprints are available.

  • Junior Designers
    We'll assign a team of two junior UX designers to your project with an industry veteran as their mentor. Some designers may have other skills to bring to the table, such as visual design, research or content strategy. We'll find designers whose skills complement your project.

  • Close Mentorship
    Our designers will work closely in our office with their mentor for the project. This constant contact ensures that the design has input and perspective from an experienced practitioner.

  • Collaboration
    The most successful projects result from a true partnership between client and designer. We involve our clients in our process with regular collaboration and reviews, and open lines of communication.

  • Pricing
    One 3-week sprint (2 full-time designers and an experienced mentor) is $10,000.

Most of all, working with us will be fun! We are passionate about design and believe in its power to radically change your business.

get in touch!

We'd love to work with you! If it sounds like Design Equation's program is the right fit for your design needs, please drop us a line. Send us an message via the form below or email, or call Danielle at 415.279.7978.

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