We make design accessible for all.


Great product experiences don’t just happen... they result from a deep understanding of customers needs and company goals, using design to create resonant solutions that satisfy both. And while experience design is increasingly recognized by top companies as the key to success, many companies face challenges in finding design resources that fit their needs and budget.

Design Equation fosters the next generation of design talent through hands-on design projects, mentorship and coaching, making quality design accessible to all. 



Design Equation has several solutions for companies looking to scale design capabilities, and to hire and develop design staff:



design sprint Program

Our Design Sprint program gets a pre-qualified team of junior designers right to work on your backlog, under the critical and instructive eye of design leaders with 15+ years experience, at an affordable price point. 

Placement Program

Our Placement program gives you the confidence you need to feel comfortable hiring an entry-level designer. Highly experienced mentors work side by side with all designers, gaining deep knowledge of their skills and areas for growth. We refer only those we would hire ourselves.

Coaching Program

Our Coaching program gives you and your new designer access to C-level design leadership, coaching, critique, and education, to assure that your designer is both producing the highest quality work, and growing in her career and capabilities.


Let Design Equation show you a smarter path to great design and to skilled, happy designers.


A few of our happy clients: