Need a jump start on your design career? Want to be involved with great companies that matter?


Dear Designer,

Congratulations on your journey into User Experience design!

If your educational program was like the one I taught, you've been on a wild ride that has not only opened your eyes to the importance and impact of design, but also changed how you think about the world around you.

This is probably a very exciting time for you, but also one of uncertainty. Maybe you're experiencing that chicken-and-egg feeling of needing more work in your portfolio (to get work, natch). Or maybe you would like to ensure some of your first steps into the industry are still guided and meaningful.

Design Equation was founded with you in mind. It is a program that provides mentored opportunities with companies that matter. And it's set up to support you as your embark on your new career, not hinder you.

If you'd like to learn more, please get in touch!

Kind regards, 

Danielle Malik
Educator, Mentor & Founder
Design Equation