Individual Design Coaching

Audience: Junior to mid-level designers 

Objectives: Design critique, hard and soft design skills development, career development

Designers in the first years of their careers have similar journeys and challenges, whether they’re university degree program graduates or graduates of a trade school or boot camp. They grapple with understanding which parts of the design process to do when and why, with moving quickly and taking risks, with building their confidence in their work and abilities, and with communicating their ideas and gaining influence. 

One-on-one coaching with Design Equation’s expert mentors is for designers who are:

  • the sole designer, or one of few designers, in a small company, and lack a head of design and/or strong design mentorship 
  • considering (and possibly worried) about accepting a job role similar to the above
  • starting a freelance design practice, or product company
  • contemplating their career path and seeking to differentiate themselves in the job market 

We provide the expert eye that designers need to improve their craft and business practices, and help ensure that they are both delivering quality work and growing in their careers.



  • We can meet with designers for ad-hoc sessions, to provide specific critique on design work, to problem-solve a sticky situation, or to plan out an approach to a project.
  • We can set up a personalized 12-week program, to set measurable goals for the designer, and meet regularly to assess progress and provide feedback.

1:1 coaching is available not only in person, but also via teleconference, making our services accessible to designers all over the world. We even have a special rate for designers paying out of pocket.



Designers who are mentored and coached:

  • Produce better design work, faster, and are more self-guided and self-driven
  • Are more confident, more productive, and more participatory in their roles
  • Stay at their jobs longer, and are more content with their careers.
  • Achieve and exceed their goals and their teams’ expectations.


Designers thrive with mentorship -- schedule an introductory session with us today!