Our mentors are industry veterans with a passion for design and bringing the next generation of designers into the fold.


Danielle Malik

After nearly 15 years in the industry, watching (and sometimes shaping) the Great Design Revolution, Danielle has learned a few lessons. And she has a few stories to tell.

Danielle spent time most recently as an instructor at General Assembly in San Francisco, teaching the UX Intensive program to bright crops of future UX flowers. Before that, she was a Product Design Manager at Facebook in the Commerce group, and also led the UX team at the fabulous but now sadly closed Hot Studio, a design consultancy in San Francisco. Over her career she has found inspiration in collaboration, helping companies large and small embrace new technologies, define product strategies, and craft approaches to great user experiences.

Danielle is chronically active in the UX community, planning and organizing professional events and conferences. She founded the IxDA San Francisco chapter in 2008, which today features nearly 4000 members, and now she currently sits on the Board of Directors for IxDA.

Danielle also raises children and chickens, with varying degrees of success.



Billie Mandel is a design strategy and management geek with nearly two decades leading global teams of software creatives -- teams of up to fifty, in four time zones and three continents, in startups and established companies. She recharges her batteries teaching design to adult career-changers at General Assembly, and teaching the hard value of soft skills to her mentees and corporate clients.

Billie is the creator of the Embodied Critique Method, which helps designers, developers, and other creative professionals bring their whole selves to work, give and receive actionable feedback, and iterate their way to more effective designs and more productive work environments. 

Favorite things include origami, anything flavored with lavender, and making tech a better place for women, queers, and folks of color. 

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