Junior Designers: A Guide for Employers

Design Equation is dedicated to making it both viable and valuable for companies to hire and mentor junior designers, saving money, kickstarting careers and strengthening design teams along the way.

More and more, companies are recognizing the value of thoughtful, user-centered design in creating engaging, quality products and services. And while that’s a plus for consumers, it means that employers face an increasingly competitive market for good design talent. Startups and small companies struggle to find available, qualified designers at a price point that fits their funding and timeline. And in mid-size to large companies, their existing design team is frequently at capacity, leaving a design backlog that exceeds their ability or budget. 

Many companies consider dipping into the growing pool of junior design talent from degree programs and trade schools as a way to sidestep the cost and competitiveness for more senior talent, but several common concerns about junior designers persist. Companies may find it difficult to select and evaluate candidates with no track record. They may find it too risky to trust someone less experienced with something as precious as their product design. Furthermore, companies may be concerned that they lack the expertise to manage and grow an entry-level designer, or worry that a junior designer could sap time and energy from more senior design staff.

At Design Equation, our mission is to alleviate all of these concerns. We believe that hiring junior talent has many advantages, well beyond cost savings. We are dedicated to making it both viable and valuable for your company to hire junior designers, without worry. 

  • Our Design Sprint program gets a pre-qualified team of junior designers right to work on your backlog, under the critical and instructive eye of design leaders with 15+ years experience, at an affordable price point. 
  • Our Placement program gives you the confidence you need to feel comfortable hiring an entry-level designer. Highly experienced mentors work side by side with all designers, gaining deep knowledge of their skills and areas for growth. We refer only those we would hire ourselves.
  • Our Coaching program gives you and your new designer access to C-level design leadership, coaching, critique, and education, to assure that your designer is both producing the highest quality work, and growing in her career and capabilities.

Let Design Equation show you a smarter path to great design and to skilled, happy designers.